Why I Support Jim Womack

I became involved in the Republican Party a few years ago when I was invited to attend my county’s annual convention.  The fellow who invited me asked me to act as Sergeant at Arms for the convention.  He apparently had a concern about a specific member known for speaking out directly and forcefully.

As it turns out, I was the only Republican present from my precinct, so I became the Precinct Chairman.  So began my involvement with the GOP.

Since then, I have attended quite a few county GOP meetings, two county conventions, a district convention, and a state convention.  In doing so, I have met dozens of wonderful people who invest their time and resources for the good of the party.

I have also learned that sometimes the investment of time and resources by Republicans across the Old North State is managed for the good of the party, but often it is managed for the good of certain individuals.  This is often accomplished by “flexible” interpretation of existing rules, and often through outright disregard for the rules.  This sort of behavior cannot be allowed to continue.

By and large, the work of the North Carolina Republican Party is accomplished through the investment of personal time, effort, and resources by volunteers.  Those people have a right to expect that their investment will be managed openly, honestly, and fairly for the good of Republicans across our state and to promote Republican values.

Sadly, in all too many cases, that expectation is not met.  This drives many people away from participation in the party.  Only the most dedicated continue to fight under such circumstances.

During my involvement in the Republican Party, I have twice had the opportunity to work with Jim Womack.  I have found him to be a man of incredible intellect, integrity, and energy.  My discussions with Jim have revealed to me that he recognizes the critical importance of volunteers and the need to manage their investment in an open, fair, and honest manner.  I have also learned that Jim is not just an idea man, but also a man of action.  Yes, he is a good speaker, but he also has a track record of getting things done.

Republicans have recently accomplished a lot across our state and across the country, but this is no time to rest on our laurels.  We must continue to effectively promote conservative values and good conservative candidates and officeholders.  This will require more investment of time, effort, and resources by volunteers.  There will be more volunteers and their investments will yield better dividends when the effort has honest governance.

I know Jim Womack can make that happen.

Learn more about Jim here.

Paul Yeager is a conservative activist from Waynesville.  He provides web and social media support for the Jim Womack campaign.