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The NCGOP State Plan of Organization (POO) establishes a system of governance that extends from the precinct level to the NCGOP state leadership level. At the heart of this governance structure is the Executive Committee (ExCom), which gives voice to elected officials, district leadership teams, and at-large members from across the counties.

The POO clearly enumerates the ExCom as being the superior governing body, the organizational component that makes all the major decisions for the party. The Central Committee (CC) is a smaller body which has the charter to execute the decisions of the ExCom on a month to month basis.

Unfortunately, the NCGOP has not operated under that model for many years. Worse still, the CC has instituted a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that has cloaked its inner deliberations in secrecy.

The NCGOP senior leadership in the CC is usurping the authority of the ExCom and preventing the ExCom from even holding meetings. This practice must stop immediately.

As Party Chairman, I will insist the ExCom meet quarterly to review and approve the detailed budget and expenditures, to review party program initiatives, to consider resolutions, platform and policy changes, and to shape the party’s message to our elected officials. I fully support the elimination of the Central Committee’s NDA, as it prevents transparency and accountability within this body.

As Party Chairman I will sanction a 2017-18 (year-round) POO committee to receive state-wide inputs on necessary POO changes, many of which have been suppressed at convention the past several years. This committee will report quarterly to the ExCom its findings and recommendations for POO reform, in a transparent and flexible manner.

The committee will reconstruct the POO through several iterations of revision during the year based on ExCom guidance, bringing this document up to date and making it reflect the use of 21st Century technologies. One month prior to the 2018 state convention, the final version will be published for delegate consideration. The final product – a reformed POO – will be given an up or down vote for adoption at the 2018 convention.

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  1. Good management and Expose what the Central Committee is doing, prevent problems and losing members to NC Republican Party!

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