No One Gets Left Behind

During my 4 years at West Point, and throughout my 20-year Army career, one of the enduring principles ingrained in me is that “no one gets left behind.” The concept of valuing every person’s worth to the combat team and assuring each person that they were coming home at the end of the campaign persists with me today.

The North Carolina Republican Party is analogous to the combat organizations I have had the honor to lead. Our “army” is made up of many different factions- from Tea Party Patriots to Libertarians; from Cruz Constitutionalists to President Trump’s America First followers.  Truly, our base is becoming more diversified and our message must resonate across a much broader spectrum of voters than ever in our history. Unfortunately, our NCGOP leadership is not doing enough to emphasize the common virtues and values we share to unify the team so it can wage war on our opposition- the democrat party and its base of liberals and progressives -who seek to destroy our nation, one bathroom bill at a time. Our leadership team allowed identity politics to divide us in 2016, which helped give the democrats the edge they needed to win important races for governor, attorney general and the state supreme court. We left those three candidates behind, and we failed again in 2018- allowing the democrats to eliminate our super-majority in the general assembly and losing another State Supreme Court seat.  We will pay the price for those losses for the next 4-6 years.

For our party to grow and prosper in coming years, we must change the way our leadership behaves. We simply cannot continue insulating our highest level governing organization from the base of our party. We have to be more accessible to, better communicate with, and push information down to rank and file Republicans who labor endlessly at the base of our party in the precincts and counties. Every Republican in the state needs to know he or she is valued and will not be left behind. Every delegate to state and national conventions needs to know their opinions and ideas are welcomed and venerated, and that they will be given fair treatment- not rewarded by being left behind, stranded to fend for themselves.

Under my leadership the North Carolina Republican Party will never leave its workers, its delegates, or its candidates behind. We will strive for cross-faction collaboration, always aiming at the main objective, so we win every major election and reward all of our stalwart troops for their faithful service.

Please join Team Womack and help me make sure no one gets left behind!


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