Servant Leadership in NCGOP

The servant-leader is servant first… It begins with the natural feeling that one wants to serve, to serve first. Then conscious choice brings one to aspire to lead.”
Robert K. Greenleaf – “The Servant as Leader”

History teaches us the North Carolina Republican Party is most effective when its leadership consists of servant leaders- those county, district, and state chairpersons who lead by example, who lead from the front, and who sacrifice their time and treasures to promote conservative values and candidates.

We owe it to our two million members to elect servant leaders who will set aggressive goals and objectives for precinct organization, party growth, and voter turnout. Our servant leaders should personally ensure that precincts and counties are armed with the tools and technologies to achieve those goals and objectives. This means our leaders must travel around to our counties, attend meetings, and actively participate in local party activities. Our state and district leaders should be accountable for ensuring precincts and counties are properly educated, trained and equipped to achieve our goals and objectives in accordance with our Plan of Organization.

We should be staffing our state Executive and Central Committees with servant leaders who faithfully attend called meetings and who actively offer and share ideas for improving the productivity of the party. These leaders must be tireless in processing bottom-up requests for resolutions, platform changes, and Plan of Organization modifications. They should be transparent in their deliberations and responsible back to the counties and precincts, who are the lifeblood of our state organization.

Our servant leaders must also be fiscally responsible to party members. They ensure we raise sufficient funds to sustain essential party activities and that cash flows are managed to maintain continuity of operations. Good servant leaders do not prostrate rank and file members of our party with unnecessary financial burdens: that kind of financial malfeasance discourages party activism, erodes the base, and causes disaffection with the party in general. Effective servant leaders find creative ways to brand and sell the party. They balance the sourcing of revenues among prospective contributors who derive value from conservative governance.

Finally, servant leaders put the party’s needs ahead of their own. Servant leaders are not afraid to stand on principle and they are unabashed in their defense of traditional American values. They believe in the North Carolina Republican Party and strive to make it the best such organization in the country. They work tirelessly to build the image of conservatism – from top to bottom – and reject attempts to co-opt the NCGOP for ulterior motives.

Aren’t you ready for servant leaders to guide and direct the NCGOP Executive Team over the next few years?


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