Womack is Back!

Yes folks, Lt. Col. James P. Womack, US Army (retired) is back, and running again for Chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party.

Recently, in The Daily Haymaker:

Robin “Hip Replacement”  Hayes WILL INDEED have a competent, credible challenger in the 2019 race for NCGOP state chairman.  Sources tell us Lee County GOP chairman Jim Womack will be taking another stab at sending Dallas and his Grandpa home for good in their clown car. 

To refresh your memories, here is coverage of their one and only debate from two years ago.  (The video has been taken down from Facebook.)

2016 and 2018 were nothing short of disastrous for Chairman Hip-Replacement and his grandson, Dallas.  Notable losses during those periods include:  two associate justice spots on the NC Supreme Court,  FOUR Appeals Court seats, NC Senate super-majority, NC House super -majority, and governor.

Many observers see the NCGOP as being ONE ELECTION CYCLE AWAY from losing every gain it has made since the 2010 elections.

While Chairman Hip Replacement has stumbled and bumbled, the Lee County party — under Jim Womack’s leadership — has prospered.  The GOP has become competitive again in a very very very Democrat county.  They came within inches of taking the majority on the county board of commissioners AND the county school board.

Field organizing and fundraising also went well under the leadership of Chairman Womack.  One Lee County politico told me, just after the 2018 vote:

Read more at The Daily Haymaker

The Woman Beside the Man

Someone once said: “behind every great man, you will find a great woman”.  Sometimes, the great woman is beside him.

I am not alone in thinking that Jim Womack is a great man, and I recently had the pleasure of meeting the great woman beside him.

Lt. Col. Sherry-Lynn Womack, United States Army (Retired) is a truly impressive woman.  She is a tiny little package of dynamite!  Like her husband Jim, her post-Army activities include public service.  She currently serves on the Lee County NC School Board.

I could sit here and write all evening about this remarkable woman, but the videos shown below might tell you more.

A TV news feature on Sherry-Lynn:


Sherry-Lynn sings at her retirement celebration:
(this one cannot be embedded in this page, you’ll have to click the link below)


After writing this article, I discovered another gem among Sherry-Lynn’s YouTube videos.  Listen to beautiful voices singing Amazing Grace, and read her comment below explaining why she requested this hymn be sung at her retirement ceremony.

With combat tours in both Afghanistan and Iraq there is no doubt that I believe in God’s “Amazing Grace” so it should come as no surprise that this song would be requested as I wanted to remember my friends who were not able to attend and made the ultimate sacrifice to our Country. Brian, Justin, Jamie, Dan, Chuck and Mike I will NEVER forget you… NEVER!