The Woman Beside the Man

Someone once said: “behind every great man, you will find a great woman”.  Sometimes, the great woman is beside him.

I am not alone in thinking that Jim Womack is a great man, and I recently had the pleasure of meeting the great woman beside him.

Lt. Col. Sherry-Lynn Womack, United States Army (Retired) is a truly impressive woman.  She is a tiny little package of dynamite!  Like her husband Jim, her post-Army activities include public service.  She currently serves on the Lee County NC School Board.

I could sit here and write all evening about this remarkable woman, but the videos shown below might tell you more.

A TV news feature on Sherry-Lynn:


Sherry-Lynn sings at her retirement celebration:
(this one cannot be embedded in this page, you’ll have to click the link below)


After writing this article, I discovered another gem among Sherry-Lynn’s YouTube videos.  Listen to beautiful voices singing Amazing Grace, and read her comment below explaining why she requested this hymn be sung at her retirement ceremony.

With combat tours in both Afghanistan and Iraq there is no doubt that I believe in God’s “Amazing Grace” so it should come as no surprise that this song would be requested as I wanted to remember my friends who were not able to attend and made the ultimate sacrifice to our Country. Brian, Justin, Jamie, Dan, Chuck and Mike I will NEVER forget you… NEVER!

Matt Overby Endorses Jim Womack

Raleigh Republican Club Chairman Matt Overby has endorsed Jim Womack for NCGOP State Chairman.  Below is Matt’s endorsement from his Facebook page.

I’m proud to endorse Jim Womack for Chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party. Jim is the kind of committed Christian conservative that we need as NCGOP Chairman. He is a veteran, a former county commissioner in Lee County, and is the current Lee County GOP Chairman.



It’s time to have a Chairman that will bring the grassroots energy needed to keep newly acquired Trump supporters active in the party.

It’s time to have a Chairman who will be attentive to the needs of the county parties.

It’s time to #revivetheparty

In addition to chairing the Raleigh Republican Club, Matt Overby serves as an elected member of the  Wake County Soil & Water Conservation District Board of Supervisors.

Learn more about Jim Womack here.

Thomas Hill Endorses Jim Womack

Thomas Hill, the recently elected District Chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party in Congressional District 1, has endorsed Jim Womack for NCGOP State Chairman.  The following is Mr. Hill’s statement on his Facebook page.

I want to take this opportunity to come out and endorse a gentleman that I have learned to respect and seen in action, Jim Womack. He has been a fighter for a better NC. as well as some one of great knowledge. I find him to be caring as well as compassionate, strong with his issues but attentive in listening to yours. I have seen him in state wide issues and have worked with him in fighting for the same causes. When going to the State Convention, Gates County will be voting for him for NCGOP – Chair! To be clear, Gates County will be voting for Jim Womack for State Chair and Michele Nix for Vice chair!

Learn more about Jim Womack here.

Craven County Chair Endorses Womack, Mischka

Catherine Stash Endorses Womack, Mischka
Stash Endorsement Ad

Craven County Republican Party Chairman Catherine “Cat” Stash has endorsed Jim Womack for NCGOP Chairman and Carl Mischka for Third Congressional District GOP Chairman.

“Jim Womack is a man of intelligence, integrity, and incredible energy. Those attributes coupled with his leadership skills, forged during his US Army career and honed during his subsequent careers in private industry and government, are just what we need to lead the revival of the North Carolina Republican Party. It was also a great experience to serve with Jim on the NCGOP Resolutions Committee”, Stash said.

Regarding Carl Mischka, she said: “It has been my pleasure to work with Carl on our Executive Board over the last 3 ½ years, and as his Vice Chairman in Craven County for past year, where his lifetime leadership experience was most helpful in restoring our County GOP from disorder and insolvency to a vibrant and financially solvent organization promoting Republican values and candidates in our county.”

Catherine “Cat” Stash currently serves as Chairman of the Craven County NC Republican Party, and on the NCGOP Third Congressional District Nominating and Plan of Organization Committees. Over the past ten years or so, she has served the Republican Party in numerous roles such as Precinct Chairman, County Vice Chairman, Member-at-Large in District 3, and Alternate Delegate to the 2016 National Republican Party Convention. Cat has also served on a variety of committees at the county, district, and state levels, served as Chairman of the Resolutions and Nominating Committees in District 3, worked during get-out-the-vote events, and organized candidate forums.

Hayes Misses Own County’s Convention

According to at least three observers present at Saturday’s Cabarrus County Republican Party Convention, NCGOP Chairman Robin Hayes was not present.

We find this rather curious, as Mr. Hayes is registered to vote in Cabarrus County and is running for re-election as NCGOP Chairman.

We have also learned that Robin did not attend Precinct Meetings either.  Missing these meetings may prevent  his participation in the district and state conventions as a delegate, unless someone nominated him as a delegate in his absence.

We hope that this is not a sign of ill health for Mr. Hayes.

Mischka Endorses Womack for NCGOP Chairman

Carl Mischka, Craven County Republican Party Chairman and candidate for District 3 GOP Chairman, has endorsed Jim Womack for North Carolina Republican Party Chairman.

Mr. Mischka has served as Craven County Chairman since October 2013 when he was recruited to fill an unexpected vacancy. At that point the county party was fractured and financially insolvent. Through teamwork and the help of many dedicated volunteers, Carl will leave the party leadership united with a newly renovated HQ and about 20K in the bank. Carl believes in God, Family, Party and in helping lead others to new heights of accomplishment so we all get more done.

Self-employed since 1978 as an advertising sales professional, Carl has held high elected positions in Meeting Planners International and in Yacht Clubs on both coasts. His involvement in politics stems from being a Republican Eagle level Donor during President G. W. Bush’s first campaign and, most recently, Craven County Chair for Dan Forest’s re-election and initial Eastern Carolina team leader for Donald J Trump.

Carl believes that getting out the vote is the key to political success after recruiting and vetting qualified candidates and holding them accountable.

Carl fully supports Jim Womack for NCGOP Chairman and seeks support in his run for Chairmanship of North Carolina Congressional District 3.