Hayes Misses Own County’s Convention

According to at least three observers present at Saturday’s Cabarrus County Republican Party Convention, NCGOP Chairman Robin Hayes was not present.

We find this rather curious, as Mr. Hayes is registered to vote in Cabarrus County and is running for re-election as NCGOP Chairman.

We have also learned that Robin did not attend Precinct Meetings either.  Missing these meetings may prevent  his participation in the district and state conventions as a delegate, unless someone nominated him as a delegate in his absence.

We hope that this is not a sign of ill health for Mr. Hayes.

1 thought on “Hayes Misses Own County’s Convention”

  1. Hayes is Hazing Our North Carolina Fishing Industry. #BackWomack
    Hayes is responsible for our State Losing Pat Mccrory And a #Conservative State AG. Seems he can’t and does not get the Job done!

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