Jim Womack Has a Plan

Let’s face it, we in the North Carolina Grand Old Party (NCGOP) are not achieving our potential. While we sustained our Republican super-majority in the General Assembly, we lost the 2016 Governor’s race and our conservative advantage in the state Supreme Court. The political costs for these failures will be felt for many years to come. Our leadership failed to ensure our precincts were properly organized, grow our NCGOP base, and energize voters to elect our conservative candidates. Our adversary party is already at work undermining the legislature and engaging the courts to stall conservative initiatives as they prepare to counter-attack in the 2018 mid-term elections.

The vast majority of North Carolinians are conservative. They will affiliate with the Republican Party if we are true to our founding principles and make them feel welcome in the Grand Old Party. To accomplish growth in our numbers, we need reform of our Plan of Organization, a system of organizing and training down to the precinct level, and a conservative message that resonates across the state.

I have a plan to close the nearly 600,000 gap in registered voters the democrats have over Republicans in our state within the next 2-4 years. This plan will sustain our advantage in the NCGA, regain the Governor’s seat in 2020, and restore a conservative Supreme Court by 2022. I pledge to stay focused on building our party base. I need your help to:

  1. Elect me and a senior leadership team possessing the intellect, integrity, energy and perseverance to dominate our opponents.
  2. Reform our Plan of Organization, creating a governance structure that encourages local activism and that escalates the needs of precinct and county organizations for action at district and state levels.
  3. Encourage grass roots participation in conventions by substantially reducing the cost of participation.
  4. Better educate and inform voters about the principles and values of the NCGOP- clearly differentiating us from the democrat party.
  5. Strengthen our liaison and partnership with the General Assembly.
  6. Maintain strong cash flows and a financial posture that sustains the party’s activities year-round.

With your active support we will make North Carolina the seat of conservatism in the Southeast. Please contact me with your ideas or suggestions. Together, we will prevail.

6 thoughts on “Jim Womack Has a Plan”

  1. Support Jim Womack, Support NC Commercial Fishermen to Trawl in NC waters provide NC SEAFOOD!

  2. Support Jim Womack, Support NC Commercial Fishermen to Trawl in NC waters to provide NC SEAFOOD!

  3. Sales taxes I pay far exceed income taxes when compared apples to apples. I would think the flat tax is best.

    Corporations do not need tax reductions. Strip away all burdensome regulations. Far better business environment. You know I am right.
    Support home grown business over out-of-state recruitment at all.

    Governments at all levels should be required to hold town hall meetings. Get specific regarding your plans before shilling for money.

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