NCGOP and Technology

The State Plan of Organization does not address technology and its use in conducting the business of the NCGOP. This is a serious deficiency that I will remediate immediately upon assuming the role as Party Chairman.

Proper application of technology is vital to our future survival as a party. There is no substitute for going door-to-door, shaking hands and campaigning for Republicans; but there are numerous means of complementing those efforts to reach the ‘connected’ voters in a more efficient and productive manner.

First and foremost, we need to maintain static and dynamic content on our NCGOP website much more effectively. It has been poorly maintained for years. I will assign responsibility for its future maintenance and personally check it daily to ensure it meets standards in educating and informing party operatives and the general public on our events, our message and our brand.

It is a NCGOP state-level responsibility to receive the statewide voter registration database and merge that data in with other authoritative commercial sources that can help us know all about the state’s prospective voter base. With proper management of that data, using appropriate application software, we will enable our county and precinct leaders to prepare useful walk and call plans that optimize their outreach in voter registration drives and get-out-the-vote (GOTV) efforts. This one improvement, alone, would have changed the outcome in the Governor’s race and the Supreme Court race last fall.

It is also a NCGOP party responsibility to share best practices in the use of digital methods across the state. Aside from the great work of our current DCCA Chairwoman, Lee Green, very little has been done to share best practices in use of social media, mass communications, and emerging new media for messaging and voter outreach.

Inside the NCGOP we have several cutting edge practitioners of 21st Century application, data and communications technologies who are eager and willing to share their expertise to help the NCGOP grow and prosper. Within 60 days after being elected, I will form a task force that brings this expertise together to develop a strategic technology plan we will execute to win, and win convincingly in the 2018 election cycle.

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Jim Womack on Fundraising.
Jim Womack on Governance.

NCGOP Fundraising

Although the State Plan of Organization does not address fundraising, it is a vital function and an important duty of the NCGOP. Our problem with past fundraising is that we fail to treat it like an essential part of our business.

As an experienced corporate sales executive, I know how to build a brand and value proposition, then sell that brand and value to targeted clients. I know how to develop a pipeline for future revenues and to manage that pipeline to ensure cash flows into the business. I closed more than $100M in sales during my 10-year career as an IT Sales Executive. I will bring that expertise to the NCGOP for full time sales and marketing of our brand and value to prospects, large and small.

As with most businesses, our ability to sell our message and values to prospective contributors is shared across the party spectrum. Local efforts should be focused on sustaining the local party organizations and their candidates. Our districts should be focused on fundraising for support of judicial and congressional races. And our state-level activities ought to be focused on helping state-level candidates win and on sustaining the party headquarters.

I do not believe the party should be using our annual state convention as a profit center for fundraising. Frankly, elevated prices for the convention discourages many of the party faithful from attending and creates divided loyalty between the counties and the state-level organization. We need to keep convention prices to the absolute lowest levels to increase participation and sustain party unity. The end result will be a larger base of GOP support, more collaboration with that base, and broader membership in the party. This will enhance our collaborative fundraising efforts.

Finally, the NCGOP needs a stable year-round cash flow system that sustains core operations throughout the election cycle. For years, we have experienced ups and downs in cash flows, sometimes having to furlough essential staff at inopportune times because of lack of funds. As an experienced business unit manager, I know how to sustain stable operations and set aside funding for surge activities when needed during the election cycle.

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Jim Womack on Technology.
Jim Womack on Governance.